5 great hr apps for 2018

We are almost at the end of August 2018 and no doubt several HR professionals out there are entering another period of a "HR Transformation". Perhaps unsurprisingly, these initiatives are likely to be over budget, behind schedule and those involved may be beginning to question if the panacea promised by the HR Solutions Provider will actually ever materialise. Believe me, I've been there too so I know the struggle is real…

To impact some potential pain points, I can recommend a few HR apps that aren’t only fast to implement and reasonably affordable – but may even get used by the Line Managers and employees. Here are some of the best, you may want to try out!

1. Smarp

Last year ‘s Edelman Trust Barometer (the go-to yearly survey, measuring trust across a number of institutions, sectors and geographies) informed us we trust “people like us” much more than leaders – and we trust technicians and technical advisers. The oft heard management fears of letting employees loose on social media suggests many are missing a trick in not using the potential of its own people as advocates and ambassadors. Smarp is an app which not only recognises the value of personnel advocacy – it actually encourages it. Users are able to make use of the app to create, plan and post content for employees to share through thier own social networks. With excellent analytics, gamification functionality and full integration with all the most-subscribed community channels, Smarp is a really clever and well-built solution.

2. NextJump

As far as a great solutions that handle employee perks and benefits, engagement and feedback, NextJump is really worth investigating. In particular, take a. look at NextJump‘s ‘Top 10′ programme. This mobile based app is about rewarding effort as well as generosity of spirit, reminiscent of the ‘First Class Cards’ used by The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company back in the day. Employees are asked an easy question, “who helps you succeed?”. The programme concentrates on the individuals in the organisation that have created the largest effect on thier colleagues. Monthly voting along with a leader board keeps the concept new and fun and also the best component is the fact that employees get to reward their colleagues with real funds. This app will help develop a environment of cooperation as well as an effective peer-to-peer to strategy to reward.

3. Clear Review

There are a multitude of apps designed for the Performance Management space, but what I love about Clear Review is it actually includes the lessons of what works and what does not in Performance Management, as well as having the capabilities to drive regular check ins, peer-to-peer review, and real-time feedback. The lessons come via received videos that are short on how and sweet and cover such topics as how to conduct a check in discussion.

Most of the Performance Managment apps currently available, have to simply put a broken system (annual objectives, ratings, etc) onto mobile and since 2018 surely has to be the year the long-time-limping Annual Engagement Survey and Annual Review processes is finally killed off once and for all, Clear Review is aptly positioned for a timely pilot.

4. Attendify

This is really an event app, but one that can make a big difference to new-starter inductions. It’s easy to use and customise with your own branding, but the most beneficial functionality is that you are able to load content to ensure new-starters feel welcomed, prepared and informed. Once you have the appropriate content ready, you could confidently expect to use Attendify to update your induction tools within a week.

5. Looop

Remember when Learning Management Systems were clunky and notoriously tempremental? Well Looop makes those days seem a like a truly distant memory. Most people realise that learning has to take place when and where it fits the learner and this fresh, nimble learning style needs a cost-effective and intuitive platform.

The simplicity with which content can be loaded and related learning articles can be curated makes Looop a popular LMS choice. It is designed for mobile optimisation so consistently looks fantastic. It’s simple to navigate and control content for various user levles. And from around £500 a month for up to 250 users, Looop is a next generation LMS solution that is definitely well worth a pilot.


NB: Even though this post contains links to products, We do not receive commission for purchases made through these links – we just regularly rave about these apps and want folk to know about them.

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