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human resources

2018 key engagement learnings

It’s undeniable that HR teams have many concurrent objectives to juggle. Nevertheless, one consistent, indelible objective of any HR department is to promote the performance and employee engagement of the organisation staff. There is of course any number of ways HR professionals can go about accomplishing the desired outcomes. This article covers some HR best practices which every workforce specialist could gain significant benefit from applying in their organisation.

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hris implementation

what exactly is agile hr?

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR professionals are exploring the prospect of using the Agile Methodologies to the people management processes. Since its inception in the early noughties the agile software movement has emerged as probably the most widely used approaches, with 90% of software companies claiming to adhere to the agile methodology.

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insights into remote workforces

Whatever industry you’re in, it’s likely that you have globalisation initiatives on your radar. Many business leaders get overwhelmed by the number of hours they have to put in because budget restrictions limit hiring ability, can’t find the right people, or are just unable to delegate. However, loosening the reigns and assigning tasks to the people who are most suited to carrying them out is vital – especially if your business is in a growth phase and your employees are spread out over multiple geographic locations.

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