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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

WINC training, analysis and consultancy programmes will challenge and engage your staff and senior leaders, and drive real culture change. Talk to us about how to attract, recruit, retain and promote diverse talent. Because inclusive workplaces mean better business for everyone.

We provide the following services to our clients across the public, private and charitable sectors:

Diversity training, analysis and consultancy – our approach

Much of our work weaves diversity and inclusion into the fabric of what companies do and how they do it. Our approach is a combination of experience and creativity. Yes, we support companies in meeting the diversity requirements of their clients: we do a lot of work promoting supply chain diversity. But for us, getting your house in order doesn’t simply mean brushing up your policy and action plans.

The best performing companies inextricably link diversity and inclusion with their business growth plans. And their senior leaders are strong advocates for the business case for diversity, and will happily bring all their employees with them on their journey.

We steer clear of off-the-shelf solutions. Instead we develop high-quality content which reflects the client’s identity and training priorities. This approach takes into account the key messages and challenges unique to the client: by tapping into an organisation’s own culture, we are able to gain significant traction when it comes to engagement and measurable shifts in delegate perceptions.

our collaborative approach to diversity training design

Our experience shows us that the most effective equality and diversity training courses are tailor-made to reflect the culture and values of the organisation we’re working with. We want to understand your business, your culture and your challenges. This tailoring takes into account current levels of knowledge and understanding, existing good practice, and your current and future challenges. To ensure maximum impact, our diversity consultants will usually start with a thorough training needs analysis, including:

  • an inception meeting to agree success criteria for initiatives
  • reading your related policies, documentation and guidance
  • reviewing your existing training materials and current operational frameworks
  • interviews with a sample of staff and senior leaders to understand roles and challenges

ensure compliance and encourage best practice

We develop introductory and advanced elearning on equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Work with us to train all your staff through compliance-level equality and diversity elearning, covering the fundamentals of UK diversity legislation and the Equality Act 2010.

All public authorities must comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty by law. This is also true of any organisation that carries out public functions or services – whether you’re in the public, private or charitable sectors.

More and more private sector companies too are targeting compliance with the Equality Act: looking to reflect their engagement with the diversity and inclusion agenda, and the business benefits that diversity can bring.

We’ll collaborate with you to design an equality and diversity elearning module that really resonates with your target audiences. Course length, where the module is hosted, and how your learners are assessed are all up to you.

Components included in your diversity e-learning course may include, but not be limited to:

How is the impact of a diversity elearning programme measured?

You can choose to host your diversity e-learning on our own dedicated learner management system, or take delivery of SCORM-compliant files to manage the programme yourselves.

Our online programmes are developed in a way that means you’ll be able to generate detailed reports on participant engagement, plus segmented analysis of any assessment elements to gauge levels of understanding.

equality and diversity elearning with practical outcomes

We’re experts in experiential and actor-based elearning, guiding your staff through real-life scenarios that will resonate with their day jobs. Our diversity elearning modules use a range of specially created video and audio content. Made bespoke to you, this content deepens staff understanding of the subtleties of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias in the workplace.

Our elearning courses are comprehensive in their coverage of equality law and diversity principles. We take a cross-cultural approach to equality, diversity and inclusion in all our training. We take into account all strands of diversity and tailor the elearning to your challenges and strategic goals. Participants of our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion elearning modules will gain the skills needed to:

  • understand the external context of equality, diversity and inclusion, including the legal, business and ethical imperatives
  • present the business case for diversity at your organisation
  • clearly articulate your company’s commitment, and their own commitment as staff, to diversity best practice at work
  • understand the implications of the Social Value Act 2012 on procurement and commissioning (if applicable)
  • champion diversity best practice, and regularly engage their colleagues in the support available to them, particularly around the Public Sector Equality Duty
  • be aware of the areas of your organisational culture that help to promote diversity, and how your policies, procedures and future strategies can enable and support best practice for managers, staff and suppliers
  • feel clear about the aspects of their day-to-day decision-making that may be prone to unconscious bias.

WINC HR consultants are specialists in the field, working across all types of difference and not limited to protected characteristics. Developing cultural intelligence and awareness of unconscious bias underpins all of our equality, diversity and inclusion e-learning courses. We emphasise your existing areas of good practice, before looking to build on it in proactive, practical ways.

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All public authorities and any organisation that carries out public functions or services must comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty by law.