equality through diversity inclusion leadership

Diversity strategy and policy guidance

WINC has significant, longstanding experience in assessing organisations’ diversity policy and inclusive working practices, and making recommendations for their immediate and strategic development.

Our consultants design and deliver facilitated sessions for various staff and senior leadership groups. Together we’ll engage leaders from all parts of your business, and create a set of common goals to apply across all divisions. Our diversity research principles allow us to throw new light on the experiences of different groups within your workforce. We can then use this to build up a picture of your company for use as a benchmark, and the basis from which you can action plan on diversity.

How we help shape diversity policy and strategy

Here are just some of the ways we can support your business performance and growth through diversity:

  • Supporting your in-house diversity champions, networks and working groups
  • Developing a shared understanding of what an inclusive culture would look like at your organisation, and the business benefits of diversity
  • Creating a clear diversity roadmap setting out your vision for where the company wants to be, and the actions and milestones needed to get there
  • Building a framework for cascading your diversity action plan all the way through your business.

Diversity roadmaps and action plans that work for you

Understanding your organisation’s diversity profile is the foundation from which to build an inclusive business. We can work with you to make an analysis of your areas of strength, as well as current challenges. In the short-term we’ll identify your quick wins. Looking ahead, we’ll explore the resources needed for more ambitious culture change programmes.

Typically we’ll combine data and documentary diversity analysis with speaking to a small selection of your staff and business leaders. These will take the form of structured, confidential small group and/or one-to-one conversations.

Our initial findings will inform the group’s co-creation of a diversity roadmap and action plan. We can then design and facilitate a session focused on progressing you towards diversity maturity and a set of common diversity goals.

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All public authorities and any organisation that carries out public functions or services must comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty by law.