harness the potential of diversity and inclusion

Talent management consultancy

The businesses we work with understand the benefits of embedding best practice in equality, diversity and inclusion across all their key employee processes. With our talent management consultancy support, they also ensure to track, monitor and report on diversity, not just in recruitment but right throughout the employment pipeline.

UK businesses miss out on £84bn a year because of poor-quality people management, according to a 2015 study by Investors in People (IIP).

We’re specialists in people and talent management consultancy, including:

  • Designing and consulting on talent management strategy (including workforce, membership and customer consultations)
  • Boosting employee engagement
  • Training and coaching diversity champions to lead on key workplace initiatives
  • Creating diversity data dashboards to assist in tracking and monitoring of KPIs, and reporting on progress made
  • Building communication skills around the diversity agenda (internal and public-facing)
  • Addressing workplace conflict or disputes through mediation.

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Developing a talent management strategy – our approach

We take a hands-on approach to your talent management strategy and implementation. We recognise that the critical success element of any people management programme is engagement. We’ll spend time with you, speaking to key stakeholders and work-stream leaders to find out what is already working well. These conversations will inform our modes of enquiry and analysis. We’ll also review existing documents, employee data and sector reports to better understand themes, synergies and gaps, and identify areas for improvement.

This will allow us to design facilitated sessions with your steering group, during which our consultants will explore the talent management frameworks and strategies most suitable to your needs and goals. We can also gauge current levels of cultural intelligence, and action plan accordingly to develop your diversity maturity.

Our consultants will then create and present a high-level final report featuring expert recommendations to address your critical talent management questions. These can be designed for a variety of target audiences, including steering groups, Boards and other key stakeholders or oversight committees.

Here are some sample questions we may use as starting points for our discussions with you:

  • How can your existing talent management provision be tied into workforce planning?
  • Who is currently in your talent pipeline, what are their skill-sets, where are they drawn from and what progression routes are they offered?
  • Who is outside of the pipeline? Are there methods for getting them ‘talent ready’?
  • How much time do you currently spend on talent management design and provision, and is it delivering the outcomes you want?
  • What are the mechanisms for recruitment and selection? How do they differ between your various work-streams?
  • How do you ensure diversity considerations are woven into the process?
  • How are you judging how many of your leaders you need to develop?
  • How are you identifying the skills gaps that those leaders will fill?
  • How will you know when one of your talent management initiatives has worked?
  • How long do you monitor your people for, and what kind of qualitative feedback are you gathering on your talent management interventions?

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Building a diversity communications strategy

Building awareness about your diversity programmes will be key to their success. We’ll ensure you communicate your diversity good practice as well as challenges and aims. Our diversity communications strategies might include short ‘talking head’ videos of staff with a positive diversity story to tell, or interviews with your senior leaders about the business case for diversity. We’ll create case studies, or run lunchtime events with special guest speakers from elsewhere in your industry.

We’ll support you to produce staff events that are creatively devised and imaginatively executed. These events can offer the opportunity to engage and up-skill your teams, and give them the time to consider practical tools and techniques to apply to the diversity issues they face.

The benefits of getting your diversity communications right include:

  • Raising awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Emphasising your company’s business case for diversity
  • Engaging and involving staff through networks, team discussions and events
  • Building shared responsibility and accountability for improving performance across the company
  • Improving staff engagement by encouraging consideration of diverse staff needs
  • Highlighting role models who can support all staff in embedding diversity and inclusion into the work they do
  • Building the external profile of the organisation as a leading employer
  • Supporting the attraction and retention of diverse talent
  • Capturing robust evidence of the impact of your diversity programmes.

All public authorities and any organisation that carries out public functions or services must comply with the Public Sector Equality Duty by law.