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expert talent sourcing

The secret to our sourcing success is that, unlike many other contract manpower providers, we don’t have to spread the net wide and sift through thousands of database CVs. Our consultants’ professional networks and those of our staffing specialist partners allow us to track and target the brightest individuals. This also means that we can be the first to take advantage of any emerging areas of interest for high-volume manpower or sudden injections of skilled jobseekers into the global talent pool.

Adding this capability to your bid, and showing an understanding of the need to be one step ahead in HR, will add strength and validity to your proposal. In addition, we work closely with specialised partner firms to provide expertise in critical areas for your organisation such as sports competition, marketing communications and venue design.

recruitment support

In support of our customers’ recruitment process, we design, develop and run Assessment Centres to help find the best candidates. We also offer a fully managed recruitment service for those organisations that want to outsource the whole recruitment process, or do not have the staff to resource it themselves.


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