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Inclusive Recruitment

a more inclusive recruitment process – from planning to execution

We know what it takes to design and implement inclusive staff recruitment policies and procedures. Our inclusion specialists can work with you to develop your diversity recruitment strategy and embed inclusive recruitment practice in your talent management.

How to increase diversity through your recruitment practices

We follow the very best practice in our own recruitment process, and are best placed to help your business do the same.

Inclusive recruitment is fast becoming a commercial imperative. The business case for diversity and inclusion is ever more compelling, especially when it comes to diversity recruitment and the talent pipeline.

Building more inclusive workplace cultures means you’re more likely to attract and retain the best talent available. Inclusive teams engage, perform, innovate and problem-solve more effectively. 

Our consultants can work with you to embed inclusion best practices throughout your recruitment cycle. This includes:

  • Creating job specifications and competency-based roles
  • Designing application forms (print and online)
  • Guidance on longlisting and shortlisting based on competencies
  • Reasonable adjustments at interviews
  • Diversity recruitment strategy support
  • Diversity recruitment policy reviews.

Our diversity recruitment principles

  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Proactive support
  • Broadening our reach into diverse talent pools

Inclusive recruitment strategies and interview techniques

We will help you to ensure inclusion and diversity best practices right through your recruitment process. Our unique approach is built around the following ten stages:

1. Preparation

We will support you in positioning your business as an employer that prioritises diversity recruitment, and which creates an inclusive environment for all candidates during the recruitment process. We can also advise on flexible working arrangements for potential new starters.

2. Role design

By analysing your existing talent pipeline, we’ll be able to advise on setting achievable targets on diversity recruitment. We’ll also ensure your role profiles and job descriptions are screened for bias and cultural fit.

3. Attracting diverse job candidates

Our specialist consultants can advise you on reaching the widest talent pool available.

4. Application forms

We’ll build bespoke job application forms for your roles using the latest technology, removing common sources of bias from the recruitment process. We will also provide your application forms in a range of formats to ensure accessibility.

5. Longlisting

We can guide you through assessing and scoring your applicants based on core competencies of the role. This includes support on bringing together application review panels that will represent and respond well to difference.

6. Shortlisting

Our consultants can advise you on holding preliminary conversations with your candidates and gathering the necessary evidence with which you can make fair and bias-free shortlisting decisions.

7. Interview set-up

We’ll help ensure you’re creating the right environment for candidates to perform at their best at interview. This might include making reasonable adjustments in terms of accessibility, interview length, lighting, etc.

8. Interviewing

You’ll receive expert guidance on designing fair and inclusive interview questions, as well as your interview panel, location and flexibility policy.

9. Decision-making

We’ll provide you with the structured approach to making final hiring decisions that are free from unconscious bias and based entirely on the agreed competencies for the role.

10. Reviewing the recruitment process

We can provide support on revisiting your diversity recruitment policies and procedures, enabling you to proactively address any barriers to diverse candidates that may appear as your business grows.

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