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Conflict resolution and mediation

There are times in all organisations where workplace conflict or disputes can no longer be resolved in-house, and expert mediation is required. Among our team are qualified mediators who can provide your organisation with a structured, impartial and transformative way forwards.

Our aim is always to build empathy on both sides of the disagreement, and to de-escalate the situation wherever possible. Our mediation consultants are particularly skilled in situations where diversity or difference has been a factor.

Grievance mediation and conflict resolution – our approach

We provide business mediation services in London and across the UK. Below is an outline of what to expect from the WINC HR mediation process:

  • One-to-one meetings with those involved
  • Exploration of what the individuals would each consider to be a fair and reasonable resolution
  • Establishing recognition from the individuals that there is a need to agree a way forward
  • Mediator reflection
  • Joint discussion with all parties to agree the ways forward
  • Consultant write-up of session(s)
  • Follow-up one-to-one conversations with the individuals and their line managers after six months.

A positive approach to dispute resolution

We often support our mediation methods with carefully considered team-building sessions for your staff and management teams. Themes for these sessions might include:

  • Coping with stressful situations
  • Resilience and emotional intelligence
  • Managing your emotions
  • Wellbeing at work
  • Team dynamics
  • Building inclusive teams that understand workplace difference
  • Positive and practical ways of managing workplace stress.

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