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Performance Management

Performance management simply means how to get the best out of your people. A performance management review can help any organisation, small or large, to tap into and maximise all the varied skills contained in a workforce. This doesn’t just improve the quantity and quality of your business output, but at the same time can make individuals feel appreciated and increase job satisfaction. When we review your performance management strategy, our consultants never follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our recommendations take account of relevant national and regional legislation, your corporate vision and values and, of course, HR best practice. We always try to find the right balance between your immediate needs and your long-term aims. The outcome of a performance management review might include the following:

  • advice on creating measurable key performance indicators
  • development of reward and recognition programmes
  • implementing an automated performance rating system
  • guidance on implementing regular reviews and what to do with the information
  • identifying problem areas that may be affecting the productivity of a high percentage of staff and recommending effective solutions


Structured coaching sessions based on the specific needs of the individual that focusses on actions to put the learning into practice. This could be a combination of face-to-face and telephone sessions. Use of an ‘Action Learning Set’ approach to developing internal team coaching skills while solving real business problems with colleagues.


As former HR Directors in busy corporate roles, we remember how it feels to have no time to think. Short term schedule discomfort to make a little room for mentoring may well steer you back on the right track, whether you need to bounce ideas around, learn new people management techniques or ensure your strategy is going in the right direction. Mentoring is flexible and can be arranged face to face, over the phone or even by Skype. Whether it’s a one off meeting or a course of sessions, we’ll be on hand to support you when needed.

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our consultants never follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach - our recommendations take account your corporate vision and values and, of course, HR best practice