in november of 2023, Karl Wood will publish leadership for bears.

The November publishing date for Karl Wood’s book, Leadership for Bears, has been set. The book will be sold in major bookstores and on their respective websites in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

This is a story about the true nature of leadership, as told by a group of anthropomorphic bears and their forest pals. These furry guides, full of charm and sprinkled with wisdom, divulge the hidden ideals, qualities, and traits of effective leaders in these warm and fuzzy pages. This book will teach you how to lead with compassion and empathy, whether you’re an experienced leader or just starting out. Explore your true potential as a leader in the workplace and in life’s grand adventure with us in the enchanted woods.

The work in question is the first installment of a planned series, with the subsequent volumes scheduled for release in 2024.

Karl Wood FCIPD FCPHR, in brief:

Karl is an author, HR Director, and WINC HR Strategy and Solutions founder. He aims to help businesses become more competitive through improved human resource management. Karl, an acknowledged HR and business management expert, is set to issue the first of a trilogy of quick reads on leadership principles. The first is entitled “Leadership for Bears” and will be released in November 2023. The May/June 2024 publication of “Human Resources for Bears” is fast approaching. The October 2024 release date for “Diversity for Bears” has been set.

Contact us about obtaining a copy of the book on the book’s landing page.

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about the author


Karl Wood is a global HR and employment professional who has an impeccable record in delivering HR solutions for industry leading firms. Known for his characteristic creativity, Karl champions ideas that promote growth, profit and a positive organisational identity.