organisational design with realistic transition plans with excellence in execution aligned to business objectives

Organisational Design

At WINC, we have extensive expertise in organisational design and maintain benchmarks for corporate and front-line functions in key industries. We have worked on organisation-wide roll-outs, consisting of 500 to more than 5,000 full-time equivalents (FTEs), and on more focused business unit organisation designs. Whatever the level, our benchmarks and experience will allow us to guide you through the important process of creating the right structure for success with your people and your operations.

As with all of our services, implementation and performance is at the core of our approach. We understand how organisations work and how proper incentive structures drive performance. Our organisational structures are grounded in reality with transition plans that are practical and implementable. Our approach to organisational design consists of the following steps. We:

  • Diagnose the current structure
    This is done to understand the issues with the current structure that are related to process hand-offs, silos, constraints, history and complexities. We analyse the current structure for basic metrics, such as span of control and number of management layers versus typical industry peers
  • Identify the key objectives
    We work with the senior leadership to understand the broader operating strategy of the company and ensure organisational changes are aligned with and enhance this strategy
  • Develop KPIs aligned to objectives 
    When creating a high-performing business the review of KPIs should go hand in hand with organisational change. The clear understanding of the KPIs and target-setting processes for each business unit, cascaded down to individuals, ensures that there are no gaps or overlaps in roles
  • Create a realistic transition plan 
    Organisational change must be rolled out efficiently and supported by clear information to stakeholders to ensure success
  • Ensure excellence in execution 
    We will support your organisation to deliver the transition with our renowned executional excellence

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your organisational design impacts your people, culture and execution at a fundamental level. WINC can help you successfully refine – or define – this foundation