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talent and performance

We use our creativity and innovation to ensure your business has crystal clear HR to get to your goal, you could need any of this services...

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talent and performance

Performance management simply means how to get the best out of your people. A performance management review can help any organisation, small or large, to tap into and maximise all the varied skills contained in a workforce. This doesn’t just improve the quantity and quality of your business output, but at the same time can make individuals feel appreciated and increase job satisfaction. 

When we review your performance management strategy, our consultants never follow the ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our recommendations take account of relevant national and regional legislation, your corporate vision, and values and, of course, HR best practice. We always try to find the right balance between your immediate needs and your long-term aims.


Led by Karl Wood, WINC HR Consultants work with clients to make sure they are investing in priority areas, geographies and services that will foster growth and expansion.

We know that strategy in isolation does not work. In addition to looking outwards to the market environment, we know that any strategic recommendation needs to recognise a company’s organisational capabilities and be executable within the required time frame.

Bringing a practical perspective and a commercial maturity to strategic questions, we stay involved with the companies we work with to ensure strategy becomes reality and is truly embedded in the day-to-day operations of the business.


Our tailored HR consulting services are aimed primarily at small to medium-sized business owners or managers who are looking for help in implementing or improving HR processes.

We firmly believe that the HR approach should be simple and straightforward, with no mystery and no jargon. If you need advice, we will undertake a fair and truthful appraisal of your business and present recommendations based on your goals, not ours.

This approach ensures that the service you receive is tailored to you, and you deal with one person who knows what is going on in your business.


Working as a core part of your team, Karl will be as invested in your business growth as you are. He will feed into your existing sales team with full accountability for bid production and quality response results. This means we can advise our clients on the best possible actions to take when tendering.

We would love to join your bid team, learn your culture, develop ideas, and deliver a bid response that will differentiate you from the rest. So, whether you are struggling with the workforce planning, staffing delivery, environmental, social or community tender response, we can help.

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