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Project Management

In most organisations, including the Fortune 500, total cost of workforce averages nearly 70% of operating expenses. While an organisation’s cost of workforce vary, these costs remain the single biggest organisational expense.

Prudent workforce budgeting helps to present credible, accurate figures to stakeholders – particularly in view of public office approval processes. It can identify and eliminate inaccuracies where significant people expenditure has not been correctly stated or included. It is also crucial in fostering confidence in leadership due to a robust workforce presentation, with well-researched information and cross referencing that plugs any planning gaps and addresses cost oversights before proposal submission.

Operational cost reduction

WINC consultants have developed proven, repeatable methodologies to drive out cost and ensure that newly embedded knowledge and skills can continually improve our clients’ organisations.

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Overhead cost reduction

WINC consultants have helped many clients reorganise and refocus their corporate and ancillary functions to deliver rapid improvement. Poor overhead management can turn best-in-class operational performance into a bottom-line loss. At WINC, we take some basic process steps for overhead cost reduction:

  • Establish the fact base and generate hypotheses
  • Identify the opportunities and plan implementation. Typical levers include:
    • The reduction of layers and an increase in the span of control
    • The removal of low-value work and duplication
    • A reduction in the complexity of work
    • The reduction of full-time equivalents (FTE) and other related costs
    • The implementation and lock in of the improvements.

Footprint rationalisation

WINC consultants have the unique blend of strategic insight and practical implementation skills necessary to deliver rapid and sustainable benefits from footprint rationalisation.

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taking cost out of your operation requires regular reviews, the setting of targets and the implementation of strategies to drive cost efficiency and build sustainable competitive advantage