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Our consultants at WINC HR know how to help your business fine-tune or even overhaul its organisation and management systems in order to drive real, bottom-line value. For us, organisational design and management work is not something bolted onto an improvement effort, but an integral part of how we work with you to drive better results. Whether it is helping with an organisational redesign or re-wiring the way that top management communicates its targets and priorities to the rest of the organisation – and receives information and knowledge back, we have the experience to help you turn your organisation and management systems into a core strength of your business.

Organisational design

How roles and accountabilities are arranged to drive performance. WINC HR has worked with hundreds of companies on all elements of their organisational design, from top-to-bottom restructuring to mapping the right sets of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) onto an existing organisation. Whatever the level, our benchmarks and experience will allow us to guide you through the important process of creating the right structure for success with your people and your operations. 

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Organisational Wiring

This is our term to describe the management processes, expectations and behaviours that determine how effectively an organisation performs. It is what drives the business to certain outcomes and ways of operating time and again. Using our comprehensive methodology to assess your organisation’s wiring, we work with you to leverage local strengths and to identify and address gaps that create communication breakdowns, rework, misaligned priorities, missed expectations and other frustrations. We help you to identify and communicate what should be done, define how to meet those objectives effectively, ensure that the right review structures and tools are in place so that you know whether the expectations have been met, create clear channels for aligning priorities and ensuring motivation, establish processes to continuously improve on your execution and reinforce all of these elements through visible leadership.

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Management operating systems

This is the specification for how an organisation translates corporate goals into actions where the work is performed. This is the engine room of any operating business, whether it’s an underground mine, a transaction processor or a large-scale construction project. We work with our clients to find the important detail of how their business runs itself every hour, every shift, every week, every year. With Diagnostic tools, coaching from seasoned consultants with line-management experience, and a comprehensive methodology, we can help you translate more of your objectives into operating reality. 

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Back Office Process Improvement

Many companies have consolidated back-office processing operations and shared services over the last decade, both within country, but also offshore in low cost countries. However, not all companies have seen the full benefits of this consolidation. WINC HR works with companies to improve the returns from aggregating different processes – from HR helpdesk operations to customer facing call centres.

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