We can help you to develop and implement a MOS by:

  • Implementing reviews at the most senior level 
    Implementing Results-Actions-Reviews sends a clear message that this is important and provides the necessary mechanism to manage the roll-out to lower levels in the organisation.

  • Defining the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and targets 
    This needs to be done for each level/area, ensuring there are no overlaps or gaps in accountability.

  • Obtaining performance data and agreeing target-setting processes 
    Reliable data is critical when agreeing the right actions to improve performance, but it is often not readily available or accessible for a regular review. Spending the right amount of effort prioritising and compiling performance data accelerates the benefits of the MOS. The roll-out typically begins with basic data and simple performance review packs that are refined on an ongoing basis.

  • Prioritising the roll-out of the MOS 
    A measure essential to success is the cascading of reviews and KPIs, from the CEO to front-line workers, as quickly as possible. This should be paired with individual coaching on the conduct of the participants and content of the discussion.

  • Ensuring simplicity and focus at the front line 
    Distilling the complexity of the MOS into simple, actionable targets that front-line workers can influence ensures rapid translation of ideas into performance.

  • Coaching extensively throughout 
    WINC supports the organisation throughout implementation with the one-to-one coaching of managers and other staff. This ensures that the roll-out is effective.

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