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We help clients determine what work should be brought in-house and then build the structure and wiring required to ensure effective and sustainable delivery, including: process optimisation (such as what supply chain practices to improve and how), organisational structure, key performance indicators (KPIs), role clarity, reporting, reviews and standard procedures. We also coach the organisation in readiness for insourcing, provide project management support for the entire transition and develop organisational competency throughout transition and ramp-up.

For work that is to remain outsourced

We improve results by helping clients develop a deeper understanding of value drivers so as to enable more rigorous performance management. We also: optimise existing processes to drive throughput and cost benefits; structure the organisation to facilitate effective performance management and greater accountability; train the team in effective contract management; renegotiate contracts and, where appropriate, work with the supplier to deliver greater value for both parties.

outsourcing transitions

We help clients determine what work should be outsourced and then: define and optimise the delivery process; develop KPIs; identify and manage risks and establish the necessary wiring needed to monitor and drive performance. We also establish the key elements required to ensure a successful outsourcing relationship (including performance standards, risk management, escalation clauses, intervention clauses etc.) and strategically source the outsourced services. To ensure sustainability, we install wiring to support sound contract management for both parties, train key client and supplier stakeholders and assist with project management and periodic contract reviews.Whether insourcing or outsourcing, the decision is needed on where best to locate the work (best shoring). The location criteria is usually based on three key dimensions:

  1. Is there a premium or an advantage on proximity?
  2. What are the relative cost differences?
  3. Which locations provide the language and expertise required for the function?

Through effective in/outsourcing/best shoring we help our clients to:

  • Optimise operating processes
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase production output and flexibility
  • Instil effective operating and management discipline

Additional benefits from outsourcing can include:

  • Avoiding capital investment and undue risk
  • Leveraging external expertise and innovation
  • Releasing resources to focus on core competencies

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the decision on whether a process should be insourced or outsourced, where it should be located, and the effective management of these processes, can be critical to the performance of the supply chain and the success of a business