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hr budget forecasting

5 great hr apps for 2018

We are almost at the end of August 2018 and no doubt several HR professionals out there are entering another period of a “HR Transformation”. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these initiatives are likely to be over budget, behind schedule and those involved may be beginning to question if the panacea promised by the HR Solutions Provider will actually ever materialise. Believe me, I’ve been there too so I know the struggle is real…

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employee engagement

10 hr solutions for 2018

Human Resources professionals have a major role to play in developing a company. HR managers are responsible to inculcating the correct way of life within the company as well as put in place policies which will attract and retain the appropriate employee base. There’s no doubting that the spread of social media and technology in every sphere of our life has redefined how companies work. The function of Human Resources has also had to change themselves accordingly to keep up with the trends.

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hris implementation

what exactly is agile hr?

In today’s rapidly changing workplace, HR professionals are exploring the prospect of using the Agile Methodologies to the people management processes. Since its inception in the early noughties the agile software movement has emerged as probably the most widely used approaches, with 90% of software companies claiming to adhere to the agile methodology.

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7 ways to get hr in the cloud

The right HRIS solution for your business will depend on the sort of organisation you are, any current or planned globalisation initiatives and how the makeup of your workforce. The era of cloud-based HR information systems (HRIS) has dawned and is disrupting the way organisations deal with their people and HR processes. With providers like Workday and SuccessFactors rapidly gaining popularity, traditional on-site solutions are losing market share. There are also smaller providers popping up eager to capitalise on the shift and make a name for themselves with a myriad of appealing functions, features, bells, and whistles.

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