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What is IMI Accreditation Management?

IMI Accreditation Management is a voluntary accreditation scheme that works to improve the quality and consistency of automotive retail management and leadership (M&L). It provides an industry driven and recognised M&L benchmark. IMI Accreditation is governed by the IMI, which is the professional association for the motor industry and Sector Skills Council for the retail motor industry. To achieve IMI Accreditation Management, an individual must demonstrate their M&L skills and knowledge across a range of disciplines at either first line, middle or senior management. IMI Accreditation is conducted by an approved assessor over the course of a day at a candidate’s place of work. Candidates are assessed using a combination of observation, discussion, online test and practical exercises.

IMI Accreditation gives business

A picture of what ‘good looks like’ in automotive management and leadership
A framework to support, grow and retain good people
A way to measure the critical management and leadership competencies
Built-in flexibility providing recognition for managers from different job roles and sectors
Easy implementation for employers and easy access for managers (no compulsory training beforehand)
Ethical assurance for colleagues, employers and customers as candidates sign a code of professional conduct
Skills and behaviour gap analysis
A method to identify competent managers and leaders
Insight into a manager’s strengths and areas for development
A cost effective return on investment
Increased business awareness and improvement
IMI Accreditation Management give managers  Personal insight into what they do well, where they could be better and how they can be more effective in role  A personal profile that indicates their level across 16 critical competencies, report and record of achievement which is downloadable from a secure area on the IMI Accreditation Management website  An indication as to areas that they could expand or grow their skills and competence  The recognition, status and employability that goes with being accredited and entered on the Professional Register  Certification that proves competence against an industry recognised framework  A clear professional progression path  Ongoing communication on management and leadership, industry news, and continuing professional development opportunities (discounted for IMI members)

What is the role of an IMI Accreditation Assessor IMI Accreditation Assessors are accredited professionals trained to deliver on-site IMI assessments, invigilating the online test and organising and delivering candidates’ feedback. Assessors are skilled at facilitating and helping candidates to show their abilities in the best light. It is an assessor’s role to:  explain to the candidate the benefits, purpose and structure of IMI Accreditation Management  assess the candidate’s abilities using a range of methods, including observation competency based questioning, encouraging storytelling and making connections for the candidate  judge evidence against competencies and make a decision regarding competency,  give feedback and support on assessment decision and suggest actions for professional and personal development,  accurately record assessment evidence and assessment decisions.

What makes a good IMI Accreditation Assessor There are three key requirements for becoming an IMI Accreditation Assessor: 1. Knowledge of what good management and leadership looks like. 2. Ability to accurately measure someone’s management ability (and give constructive feedback). 3. Ability to put a candidate at ease and help them demonstrate their skills and abilities. To do this, an assessor will be able to:  engage with a candidate  conduct competency based interviewing  assess and make sense of multiple evidence  report and advise on evidence  interpret a 360° appraisal  coach and develop through feedback